The global protein transition: An opportunity for Argentina

In this report, we explore the effects and opportunities the global protein transition can bring to Argentina. By promoting the development of a strong domestic alternative protein industry and a shift away from animal-based protein production, the public sector can promote export diversification and reduce transition risks, drive domestic value creation and employment.

This report is part of a three-part report series focusing on Argentina’s agricultural sector.

Climate change mitigation options for Argentina’s agriculture sector

We evaluate a range of potential climate change mitigation measures in the agriculture sector in Argentina in close consultation with experts from INTA, based on available literature to support calculations, perception of feasibility of implementation, relevance in the national context and potential additional benefits.

This report is part of a three-part report series focusing on Argentina’s agricultural sector.

Transition risks for Argentina’s agriculture sector

In this report we analyse the transition risks faced by Argentina’s export-oriented agriculture sector in the context of increasingly carbon-constrained commodity trade. The report suggests that Argentina should find ways of reconciling plans to promote its agri-export model with its stated climate ambition. By exploring and implementing mitigation options that help the sector reduce its emission intensity, Argentina can strengthen its position as a key exporter of agriculture commodities on world markets.

This report is part of a three-part report series focusing on Argentina’s agricultural sector.

A roadmap for the power supply sector in Argentina – Implications of ambitious climate action for policy and investment

The “Ambition to Action” (A2A) project provided support to the Argentinian NDC process between March 2017 and December 2019. This report provides a synthesis of the results of three years of supporting governmental and non-governmental constituencies with analytical support for the energy supply sector. At the core of the work were three strands. 1) Scenario analysis to support the understanding of the implication of the long term temperature goals of the Paris Agreement. 2) Analysis of socio-economic impacts of the energy transition, especially regarding employment and industrial development. And 3) a framework to help better understand the technical challenges of the energy transition in the power sector.

Power sector NDC-alignment in Argentina

This report looks at the alignment of current and planned developments in the power sector in Argentina and how these relate to the Argentina’s first NDC

Grid integration of variable renewables in Argentina

Integration of high shares of renewables is an important consideration for decarbonisation of the power sector. A2A organised a workshop with stakeholders on the integration of renewable energy technologies into the Argentinean electricity system.

Paris-compatibility of Argentina’s energy pathways

This report discusses the Paris-compatibility of Argentina’s energy pathways developed under the Plataforma Escenarios Energéticos Argentina 2040 initiative.