CLIMTRADE: Economic impacts of climate regulation in trade

The CLIMTRADE tool allows users to analyse a range of economic impacts associated with carbon border adjustments. The Excel-based tool uses partial equilibrium modelling and input-output analysis to provide quantitative insights into economic indicators such as national export revenues, domestic employment, or GDP.

Initiating a fair and inclusive energy transition in Indonesia

This paper sets out our analysis of the Indonesian government plan to replace 3.4GW of coal units at Suralaya with new grid-connected solar PV capacity in the Java-Bali grid. We present potential impacts across development indicators (SDGs), and identify barriers and enablers. We also make suggestions on steps different stakeholders could take to make this plan a reality and how they can contribute to an inclusive push for the clean energy transition in Indonesia.

Smoother transitions: How to use benefits analysis to make climate ambition and action fairer and more inclusive

This paper presents a practical approach that allows analysts to incorporate the notions of fairness and inclusiveness into their decarbonisation strategies and climate action plans.