Working Paper: Transition risks for Argentina’s agricultural sector

The Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (INTA) and NewClimate analyse the transition risks faced by Argentina’s export-oriented agriculture sector in the context of increasingly carbon-constrained commodity trade. The report suggests that Argentina should find ways of reconciling plans to promote its agri-export model with its stated climate ambition. By exploring and implementing mitigation options that help the sector reduce its emission intensity, Argentina can strengthen its position as a key exporter of agriculture commodities on world markets.

NDC Update Report, Nov. 2021

The 2021 NDC Update report discusses the progressions of updated NDCs. While we find substantial progression in updated NDCs, it is time to pull the emergency brake: all actors, including national and subnational governments, need to put forward bold climate pledges, carefully consider socioeconomic impacts, and back up commitments with concrete plans and real action.

Replacing Suralaya coal with solar PV: Initiating a fair and inclusive energy transition in Indonesia

This presentation sets out our analysis of Indonesian government announced plans to replace 3.4GW of coal units at Suralaya with new grid-connected solar PV. We examine a range of climate and wider socioeconomic impacts, explore feasibility and offer recommendations to ensure coal phase-out is delivered in a fair and inclusive manner. The slides formed the basis of focus group discussions with key energy sector stakeholders in Indonesia.