Three Indonesian solar-powered futures

This report takes a closer look at solar photovoltaic (PV) as a clean alternative to coal-powered electricity supply for Indonesia. We establish a sense of direction and scale of the impacts of solar PV deployment on energy security, emissions, employment, air pollution, and SDGs. With analyses such as this one we hope to inform and inspire support for energy and climate policy that truly reflects Indonesia’s ‘highest possible ambition’ towards achieving prosperity and fighting climate change.

Grid integration of variable renewables in Indonesia

This policy brief presents a number of considerations for Indonesia related to integrating variable renewables into a power grid, looks at how these relate to the local energy context, and offers direction to prepare for future integration of significant levels of solar and wind energy in emerging power grids.

Power sector NDC-alignment in Indonesia

This report looks at the alignment of current and planned developments in the Indonesian power sector and how these relate to the Indonesia’s first NDC