Project activities take place at three levels, which complement each other to achieve the project’s outcome:
1) Analytical support for partner countries;
2) Development of methodologies;
3) International analysis and reporting.


The Ambition to Action team works closely with its partner countries: Argentina, Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand (Phase I). In each country, the project provides analytical support to governments to accelerate the continued development and implementation of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), with a focus on sector level action plans, primarily through the articulation of the social, economic and environmental benefits of mitigation actions. The project develops focused analyses that seek to support sector-level planning, engage a range of stakeholders, and increase the feasibility of ambitious sector mitigation pathways in support of NDC implementation.




We support the work in our partner countries by developing methodologies for assessing sector benefits of mitigation actions. This approach is designed to produce robust benefits evidence in our partner countries and structured in a way that can be developed into a framework that is suitable for other countries and sectors. Under Phase I, methodologies have been developed to assess the benefits of low-emission energy sector pathways on employment and health.


Through reports and research papers the project provides a platform for discussion, analysis, and sharing of lessons learned about NDC implementation in developing countries and emerging economies. This includes the regular ‘NDC Update Report’ which is published annually and which takes stock of NDC implementation progress and key issues. A particular focus for this workstream lies on sharing insights on the development and use of benefits evidence for the design and implementation of mitigation plans and policies.



The activities at these three levels together achieve the project’s outcome:

Accelerating NDC implementation in the partner countries and supporting future ambition raising through a benefits-based approach.